Word of the Day - reverie


Featured Word:
Reverie – state of being lost in one’s thoughts; daydream

Use reverie in a sentence:
The best thing about his morning commute on the subway wasn’t the escape from the traffic or the blissful 15 minutes to read the paper without interruptions from children or coworkers; it wasn’t even the relatively quick hyper-leap across the crowded city. And the worst thing wasn’t even the delays or the bodies packed like sardines on those standing-room-only rush hour rides. There was obviously far worse: pick pockets, derailments, decapitations on the tracks. As the train came to an abrupt stop, he snapped out of his reverie and stepped out onto the platform – at first he didn’t recognize where he was – had he missed his stop? – then suddenly the place was all too familiar, it was where he’d always been headed, it was the end of the …(snapping his fingers in his mind) it was the end of the line, he thought with a philosophical smile. No, it wasn’t the actually the end of the line, not literally (there were four more stops ahead) but must have felt like it as, head in the clouds, he stepped off the end of the platform into empty space, free falling for what seemed an eternity into an empty bucket of KFC.


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