word of the day - mundane


Mundane – dull, ordinary, everyday

Use mundane in a sentence:

One of the more mundane aspects of Kellog’s job was cataloging the body parts—heart, lungs, spleen, tongue, pinky finger and so on—whenever they got in a fresh one. It was usually fairly straight forward—a few words describing the color and tone, a few measurements, length and width in metric, one or two chemical tests. The real fun began when he had to put it all back together. That’s where the real artistry came in. It wasn’t like putting together a model airplane or erector set. This lanky 7 foot NBA guy came in and by the time Kellog was done with him he looked like an Olympic gymnast. Another fellow, a 280 pound Aryan biker came out looking like a Chinese girl scout. On rare occasions they got bigger, like that slender little midget who wound as big and bloated as Jabba the Hut. That was harder to explain, perhaps a clue to why Kellog lost has last gig. The best part was nobody even had to ask him to do it. It was all in a day’s work for Kellog.  Not bad for an out of work taxidermist slumming it in the county coroner’s office. Sure he had to fudge it a bit with the experience in the interview, but he was a quick study and was confident he could pick it up on the job. A midget, a fat biker and an NBA guy – a nice haul for his first day. He couldn’t wait to explain his technique, as soon as the new boss quit choking on his diet Pepsi.


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