word of the day - depilation, brinkmanship

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Depilation – removal of hair from the body

Brinkmanship – the practice of pressing a dangerous situation to the limit of safety in order to win an advantage

Use depilation and brinkmanship in a sentence:

At first, the procedures brought only snickers, a few raised eyebrows, but as they increased in frequency (and severity) – the skin peels, the bleachings, the painful depilations, the constant dermal lubrication (and, ultimately, the full-body application of a thin layer of melamine resin) the accusations ranged from extreme narcissism to racial brinkmanship to a fetish for albinoism (and, less obviously, gender confusion) but what they all failed to see—and truly how could they?—was his one true motive, his singular all-consuming ambition to become the world’s first human dry-erase board.


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