word of the day - arthropodal


Arthropodal - of or pertaining to any invertebrate of the phylum Arthropoda, having a segmented body, jointed limbs, and usually a chitinous shell that undergoes moltings, including the insects, spiders and other arachnids, crustaceans, and myriapods.

Use arthropodal in a sentence:

There was one activity that I enjoyed above all others, that made me feel truly fulfilled and complete, that I placed above work, above family, country, religion. After a particularly long and arduous day staring down major shareholders, fending off regulators, gutting the management ranks and rattling the rank and file, I was practically dizzy with excitement, my head fairly spinning, not just from the thrills and spills of the day’s adventures, but from the anticipation of the sublime sadistic pleasures that awaited. I opened the elegant maple case and removed the instrument, a precision magnifying glass with carved ivory handle. My childhood fascination with burning ants – watching with giddy glee as their tiny segmented bodies writhed and sizzled beneath the glass—had carried over into adulthood, becoming something of an obsession. Perhaps it was the heady aroma of imminent arthropodal death, or the cocktail of prescription drugs I’d been steadily ingesting since breakfast, that caused me to temporarily lose my bearings as I staggered out into the garden courtyard of the shimmering glass-and-steel office building to search among the mulch and soil for my diminutive quarry. By the time I realized these were not ants at all that I was observing through the glass (their tiny forms twisting in furious near-microscopic agony) but sunspots—huge storms erupting on the surface of the sun a million miles away—that my trusty magnifying glass was not trained on the ground below but that I myself was lying in the dirt on my back, staring through the magnifying glass, straight into the sun, I was not only partially blind in one eye, but also completely lobotomized.


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