word of the day - ovoid, cloistered, concave


Concave - Curved like the inner surface of a sphere.

Cloistered – secluded or shut up from the world

Ovoid – oval shaped

Use concave, cloistered and ovoid in a sentence:

In this dream, this beautiful dream he’d been having, he and his fellow astronaut candidates went from one station to the next in a grueling whirlwind of psychological and physical stress tests, from pressure suit tests to acceleration tests that stretched their faces back like rubber masks, vibration tests, and loud noise tests, endless stretches on treadmills and tilt tables, blowing up giant weather balloons until they were gasping for air, being subjected to extreme heat then submerged in freezing water, and he met each challenge with grit and determination, boldly leaping from high walls or crawling under electrified barbed wire, but the jeers still haunted him, they were calling him yellow; this was his Achilles heel, for some reason, he just couldn’t handle being locked in the pod; it was entirely irrational, this was the easiest of the tests, he knew he was completely safe, yet as soon as they shut him inside he’d scream for his mother, pounding on the concave walls until they let him out, frozen, petrified, and yet somehow he’d managed to overcome his fears, somehow he’d done it, because here he was, cloistered inside his pod, whirring through some narrow vortex en route to one of the far corners of space-time and then all at once he felt the release, the pod had slipped through to the other side and was now in free fall and then the concussive shock of coming back to earth – some earth, some place, wherever this was – the ovoid pod cracking up around him, leaving pieces of white shell scattered all over the ground, but also leaving him remarkably unscathed; he looked up at the sky, at this thing above him, blocking out the sun, this miraculous thing that had just born him into this strange new world, and thinking, that’s the biggest goddamn Cornish game hen I’ve ever seen -- so it was true what they’d said about him, that he was just a big chicken all along.


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