word of the day - barker


Barker - An employee who stands before the entrance to a show, as at a carnival, and solicits customers with a loud sales spiel.

Use barker in a sentence:

Twentieth Century Fox by the Doors was playing on the jukebox. The barker outside the door had lured him in with promises of unbelievable drink specials and beautiful girls and had been right on both counts. He’d only been in Romania a couple weeks and the biggest surprise was the club scene; even in some of the smallest towns it was competitive with anything you’d find in New York, LA or London. The center of attention was the girl standing at the bar. Almost at once, she made eye contact with him. He slicked his hair back and a path opened up through the crowd as he made a beeline straight toward her. He asked her what was the occasion, and she said that today was her birthday. It was a custom in Romania, on the 21st birthday, to go to a bar and for one’s friends to provide strong drink. … We do the same thing back in the states, he said. So, can I buy you a drink? … She smiled … that won’t be necessary, she said ... Rebuffed, he turned and started to walk away… No, it’s okay, she said. Stay … I just have one question, he said. The legal drinking age in Romania is 18, so what’s the big deal about turning 21? … She leaned forward, brushing the hair away from his neck and whispering into his ear. (The song ended. The date flipped on his watch.) “Because in Romania it takes so long, almost forever. On my 21st birthday, I am finally old enough to drink …” [he couldn’t believe his luck, it was only his first night in Transylvania and already he was falling into something unbelievably hot and heavy] “…your blood.” “Happy 21st Century,” said the bartender (in Romanian, of course), as the entire bar raised their glasses in a toast and her fangs shot out and at last she took that long awaited drink.


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