word of the day - gormandize


gormandize – to eat gluttonously or ravenously

Use gormandize in a sentence:

My family never had much luck with pets. We couldn’t get a bird, my mother told me, because father would kill it – and not two days after bringing home the parakeet I walked in on my father crouched in the corner of the library devouring the bird, feathers and all … same thing with the Siamese fighting fish, the Fiji banded iguana, the Madagascar cockroach and dozens and dozens of Guinea pigs -- each time I’d bring home a new pet, at some point, I’d discover my father crouched in a corner licking his gore stained fingers or with a tail hanging out of his mouth, slurping up the last few twitching inches like a strand of spaghetti… it went on like this for as long as I can remember, always the new pet, usually a rodent or a bird or some small reptile or fish and always the outcome was the same, my father devouring the pet after only a few days, and somehow it never got any easier because I wanted a pet of my own more than anything – all my friends had them, sometimes for years – then I got the idea to bring home something more substantial, like a Vietnamese pot bellied pig or a Shetland pony or a big dog even, something that would stand a chance, but those didn’t last more than a few days either; it seemed there was no kind of pet that my father was incapable of gormandizing in less than a few days, even a two thousand pound Holstein, so it was unbelievably gratifying, as you can imagine, the day I finally walked into the house to find the tables turned, my father helpless in the corner, being devoured by my latest acquisition, a giant Tijuana herpe.


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