word of the day, geodesic sphere


Geodesic Sphere - A curved lattice grid sphere that utilizes the equilateral triangle as the basis of its surface grid geometry

Use geodesic sphere in a sentence:

It was the most orderly goddamn thing I'd ever seen, the people of New York corralled into these little pens like goats or chickens, and this was Times Square, I guess this was the new New York, Guiliani's legacy, his gift to America, the bastard really had won, but what are you gonna do, this was still New York City and it was still New Years Eve, so here we all were, drunk as hell under our coats, shooting airplane bottles of schnapps, trying not to throw up on each other or into the neat little lanes between the pens while we watched Jo Lo bouncing around up on stage in a skin tight ass-suit, lip syncing some shit, or Rihanna up on the big screen lip syncing from Dubai for half a million dollars and then on the feed from Las Vegas some little prick named Justin Bieber prancing around in an oversize jean jacket in rouge and lipstick like a Ryker's Island wet dream, and finally the ball started to drop, this is what we all came to see, the end of the decade, this huge twelve foot, twelve thousand pound geodesic sphere, with 288 Waterford crystal panels lit up by 32,000 LED lights, thing looked like a goddamn space ship, I guess that was the point, so it shouldn't have come as a surprise when the thing finally landed, after a 3-2-1 count that seemed to go on forever, and cracked open like an egg and all these aliens came out and started swarming all over Times Square, and everybody's scared as hell, screaming and crying and trembling in their little pens, thinking the whole planet was about to get enslaved, like that's it, everybody's gonna die, then all of a sudden the Puerto Rican parade came by and started stomping those little aliens like cock roaches-truth was they were only about ankle high--and the whole damn alien invasion was over before Ryan Seacrest even finished pissing his $900 Italian shoes.


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