word of the day - discomfited, copious


Copious - abundant

Discomfited – made uneasy, perplexed, or disconcerted

Use copious and discomfited in a sentence:

Feeling slightly woozy from the copious amounts of black eyed peas he’d scarfed down since this morning, Ted walked into the TV room right in the middle of the scene where the football game gets wiped out by a hot white blast—an entire stadium full of screaming fans erased—must have been a helicopter shot, he thought, or a blimp shot; then the picture went to black, accompanied by a high pitch sound—that’s when Donnie walked in with a huge bowl of black eyed peas and said (you had to admit, for a bunch of male models, he and his roommates could sure pack away the food) “Hey, what happened to the Rose Bowl Game Presented by Citi?” … which was being played just a few miles away in Pasadena (what happened to my movie, Ted thought – they’d been battling over the remote control all afternoon); that’s when Brad, who’d been listening to a radio broadcast of the game on headphones—chimed in to say the stadium had been destroyed in a nuclear attack, probably terrorists, it was all over the radio; picking up the remote control and trying to change the channel, Ted was discomfited to discover they’d been watching the game on a ten minute delay—apparently Brad had paused it earlier when he’d run into the kitchen to whip up another batch of black eyed peas, which meant that they were—being so close to the epicenter of the blast—certainly already dead (he assumed they’d have a few more seconds at least; the end must have happened while he was in the bathroom, on his knees, heaving) meaning there had been absolutely no reason, no reason at all, to purge all those perfectly delicious black eyed peas.


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