word of the day - limpid


Limpid – Characterized by transparent clearness; pellucid

Use limpid in a sentence:

Running the razor down his arms, his legs, across his chest (because this is what competitive swimmers did now, this is how the game was played, the body slick and bare, frictionless), dipping the blade in the warm, limpid water, and repeating the action, until every ounce of shaving cream was gone (after, in fact, emptying several cans of the wonderful substance) it was strange, he thought, as he stared through the area where his body had been, straight through to the wet tile, that he’d completed the whole ritual before he’d even noticed, really (there was nothing beneath him, nothing so much as empty space) that all along he’d been made entirely of hair.


  1. Best one so far. Keep it up!

  2. Thanks - If you dug this, check out The Big Shave, an early short film by M Scorsese. Dude literarly shaves his face off.


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