word of the day - jubilee, Yuletide


Yuletide – the season of Yule (period extending from Dec 24 – Jan 6)

jubilee – a specially celebrated anniversary

Use Yuletide and jubilee in a sentence:

The package itself should have been a clue—it was stamped ‘returned’ and although the sender’s address was mine, the handwriting was not—but what was inside (the manifesto titled “Industrial society and its future”, the batteries, the heat filament wire, the nine inch metal pipe) should have been a dead giveaway; of course, this quick inventory happened in the blink of an eye, because a split second after opening it, the package exploded and I realized that (what were the odds? And to think, after all the skin grafts and experimental plastic surgeries in places like Sao Paolo and Guadalajara…) for the third straight Xmas—what was becoming a kind of tragic Yuletide jubilee--I’d gotten the Unabomber as my Secret Santa.


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