word of the day - tableau, rue


Tableau – a striking or artistic grouping

Rue - regret

Use tableau and rue in a sentence:

We were at the old woman’s again—I had to admit, she’d put out a generous spread, not the broth and bread she was known for--and of course she’d asked me to carve the turkey. From my position at the head of the table, my family with their gleaming faces staring expectantly at me from across the abundant tableau of steaming pies, quivering puddings and all manner of delectable morsels, I picked up the carving knife (first putting down the cigarette before taking one last exhilarating drag) and, with a masterful smile, began slicing into the bird. As the first juicy hunk cleaved from the great glistening fowl, the whole house began to shake violently; it was partly that, and partly the enormous quantities of hot red blood that gushed from the fresh incision that it suddenly dawned on me this was no turkey but was rather a giant bunion on the big toe of a rather agitated giant, and as I watched my family being catapulted about the dining room, I rued the day I ever accepted the invitation to spend Thanksgiving with that cursed old woman who lived in a shoe.


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