word of the day - de rigueur


De rigueur -- Required by the current fashion or custom; socially obligatory

Use de rigueur in a sentence:

The train of ushers, flower girls and junior debutants, the white couture gown, kid gloves and string of pearls, even the quaint St. James Bow and complement of younger male escorts, one on each arm, were all de rigueur for a young woman making her debut among Texas high society at the annual Dallas Symphony Orchestra Ball—what wasn’t de rigueur, wasn’t, perhaps, even legal in the state of Texas, or most other states for that matter, at least not under these conditions, but which drew sighs of admiration from the other debutantes, was the giant albino tiger she transported through the ballroom on a spaghetti-strap toy poodle leash that snapped like angel hair the instant the huge animal, having noticed a server passing by with a tray full of empty glasses, made a sudden violent lunge toward the bar--with slavering jaws and teeth gnashing in the chandelier light--and quickly downed nine or ten sangrias.


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