word of the day - somnambulistic, crone, catty


crone – a witchlike old woman

catty – subtly cruel or malicious; spiteful

somnambulistic – of or relating to sleepwalking

Use crone, catty and somnambulistic in a sentence:

He was just like the killer from the more famous movie, the same slow deliberate walk, the same preference for masks. And I was just like the creepy little bald psychiatrist played by Donald Pleasance, only I had a beautiful full head of hair and stood over six feet tall and had managed to make it past the sixth installment and then some. What were we on now, the sixteenth or seventeenth sequel? Every Halloween I was still chasing this lumbering super-human killing machine through quiet suburban neighborhoods as he hacked up the usual assortment of fornicating teens, dope-smoking wife-swapping parents, raspy old crones in their hair curlers and robes, teens with drinking problems, catty social climbing cheerleaders, ambiguously g@y longshoremen, PTA members, lonely beat cops, teens who didn’t do their homework, babysitters, ER nurses, teens drinking grape Nehi, etc. etc.… except when I finally caught up with him all I could do was attempt to hypnotize him (because I’d lost my license to practice psychiatry way back in sequel number 6 due to what was considered an unhealthy obsession with the killer) which had mixed results because by all accounts the killer was operating on only the reptile part of his brain, although at one point I had him convinced that I was his mother, that he was wearing a tutu and that all his victims were Chinese acrobats, which had a negligible impact on his kill-rate but which made for a trippy killer’s POV. And then it struck me, he was already hypnotized -- of course, that explained the blank stare, the constant plodding walk of the somnambulist. I immediately rattled off a series of standard keys used by hypnotists to bring the subject back to a waking state – words like strawberry, puma, orangutan -- to no effect, I checked my watch, we were just about at the 90 minute mark and Halloween was almost over, I was running out of time, so I just cut off his head and stashed it in a meat locker, then in the next installment the f/x guys thawed it out and attached it to the body of a giant squid and we got a huge tax break by shooting the whole effin’ thing at the bottom of the sea.


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