word of the day - eponymous, marker


Eponymous – of or relating to an album (or other work of art) named after its creator

Marker – a written, signed promissory note

Use eponymous and marker in a sentence:

I recognized the song immediately, it was one of mine, the only one really, you still heard it occasionally in elevators or on commercials airing late at night on local TV – I could scarcely remember how I’d arrived here, but it looked like a Hell of a party-- in fact, I’d fallen down a flight of stairs but that was only part of the story, there was Bobby McFerrin dressed as a fireman, over there against the wall was Thomas Dolby wearing a mad professor outfit, someone else that I thought was Bob Marley but turned out to be Eddy Grant in a cape, I bumped into Corey Hart wearing dark sunglasses and a five-and-dime pirate outfit (Hart’s inspiring eponymous 1996 album Corey Hart made it all the way to number 38 on the Canadian charts) spilling my drink all over that chick who sang 99 Luft Balloons in a fluffy white bunny costume spattered with blood and a nine foot tall radio antenna coming out of her head (some kind of comment on the death of the radio star, meat is murder, that sort of thing) and that was just the beginning – it was maybe the single greatest assemblage of one-hit wonders anybody had ever seen -- one of the guests was an actual cartoon character, I must have been on something, I mean, somebody must have spiked the punch because I aint never seen that before, sure, not since I’d had that hit – you remember it if you hung out at a roller rink in the early 80s … and she’s dancing like she’s never danced before … Around that time I’d been visited by this suit who sweet talked me into signing a lifetime contract, something having to do with selling your soul for a handful of songs (it may have been a handful of songs back when Robert Johnson said it but it seems to me all I got was the one). Back then I’d have signed anything, Hell, most of the musicians I knew would have killed for a contract, any kind of contract. Turned out with this thing tonight we’d all responded to the same invitation – lifetime achievement award, Halloween theme, free bar. Word was now that the music economy was changing the Devil was calling in his markers so he could reinvest in another segment of the entertainment industry. When I’d first walked in, the doorman put his hand on my back, at least I thought it was a hand but it turned out to be a knife and then somebody else kicked me down the stairs, and by the time I reached the bottom I must have been stone dead just like everybody else in the room. Right as I pop another crab stuffed mushroom into my mouth the devil walks up to me and says (I know he’s the devil because he’s wearing a suit and has a law degree and red eyes with fire shooting out of his hair, and yeah, and he was a cartoon character) anyway, the devil walks up to me and he says, “Hey baby, welcome to the Rock and Roll Hall of Flame.”


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