word of the day -- deleterious


deleterious – harmful, damaging

Use deleterious in a sentence:

This trick-or-treat thing was for the birds. Her feet were killing her with all the walking up and down the street in silver ballet slippers overflowing with white ribbons, not that she didn’t already have some experience with this (this was hardly her first time out) but in the past it seemed there was more standing around than actual walking. All she had to show for her efforts was a bag full of miniature clearance rack candies: individually wrapped Brachs taffies and butterscotch, Raisinets, Sugar Daddy’s, Blow Pops, Three Musketeers (who the hell ate Three Musketeers anyway?), Good & Plenty’s, and hundreds of other deleterious little morsels. … “Trick or treat,” she said, as the door swung open. “Seeing as I’m all out of candy, I guess that leaves trick,” the man said, massaging his beard and eyeing her suspiciously through black horn-rimmed glasses – her guess was that he was a college professor or some kind of intellectual, or maybe even a real estate agent – It was about time, she thought, stepping through the door and reaching into her purse for the timer, although how he figured it out she would never know, because in the elaborate princess costume, with the star tipped wand, glittering tiara, and Elizabethan collar (she couldn’t wait to take this stuff off!) you could barely even tell she was a hooker.


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