Word of the day - petard


Hoist by one’s own petard – becoming the victim of one’s own schemes.

Use petard in a sentence:

Before the tournament, Allen purchased a strange metal cube from a curio shop run by an old gypsy woman. He covered the cube with little colored squares so that it looked identical to a Rubik’s Cube. He knew that by replacing his opponent’s usual cube with the weighty metal cube from the curio shop, his opponent would struggle to twist the sides into their properly unified color schemes and consequently would lose valuable seconds, resulting in an easy victory for himself. Predictably, Allen completed the cube first, slamming it down on the table with an animal cry of victory while his opponent continued to struggle with the non-regulation cube. But no sooner had the official pinned the blue ribbon to Allen’s chest than his opponent improbably locked the last squares into place. The lights dimmed briefly, followed by an ear-splitting droning that sounded like a yawn from Hell. At that moment, a huge crack opened in the tile. Soon, the whole floor ripped open and from the yawning chasm, in a swirl of smoke and flames, rose a nine and a half foot tall super-being, wearing a shiny black leather S&M outfit, his hideous face covered in a matrix of pins. The “pinhead” said a few words in Latin before releasing a torrent of demons and hell dogs on the unsuspecting crowd. As he felt his soul being ripped from his body and carried down into the chasm in the slobbering jaws of the hell dog, Allen realized that once again he’d been hoist by his own petard.


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