word of the day - sidereal


Sidereal – of or determined with reference to the stars

Use sidereal in a sentence:

It wasn’t clear how it started or who started it. But once it got started there was no turning back. It was all about bro-hugs. We gave them bro-hugs in the penthouses. We gave them bro-hugs in the elevators. We gave them bro-hugs down on the street. We gave bro-hugs to the cab drivers. We gave bro-hugs to the waiters, maitre d’s and DJs. We gave bro-hugs to the brothers and sisters from Bed Stuy to San Bernadino. We gave bro-hugs to the leaders of France and the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay. We gave bro-hugs at the petting zoo. We gave bro-hugs to some kind of vegetable that looked like Burt Reynolds without his toupee. We crossed the Pacific in a Lear Jet and gave bro-hugs to the Chinese National basketball team. We gave bro-hugs to a chick with two heads and a bearded lady. And you should have seen their faces when we--this band of recently thawed out cavemen from the late Pleistocene period--climbed out of our fleet of Cadillac Escalades and started giving bro-hugs to the Queen of England. It nearly started a riot. But what are they gonna do about it? A bunch of ten thousand year old icemen? With diplomatic immunity? And then in a flash we bro-hugged our way past security, hijacked a rocket, plotted our sidereal course, went into a deep cryogenic freeze and spent the next ten millennia giving bro-hugs to all the freaky brothers and sisters of outer space.


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