Word of the Day - Archetypal


Archetypal: An original model or type after which other similar things are patterned; a prototype

Use archetypal in a sentence:

The trophy room was his favorite room in the house because all around him were the reminders he’d led a full and valiant life and come out on top in all the classic thematic conflicts – man vs. nature: evidenced by the almost obscene number of head mounts of zebra, musk ox, lion, tiger, black bear, brown bear, even the giant panda, the rare larkspur, the even rarer white rhino (he’d paid a pretty penny for that one; the tusk of the endangered white rhino turned now into the rarest of coat hooks)—man vs. man: that medal he’d taken in Greco-Roman wrestling in the ’64 games, that New York Golden Gloves belt from 1967, the fencing title he’d taken at Yale in ’68—then there was man vs. machine, represented by the handsome plaque received after besting the automatic chess master Big Blue two out of three matches—even Man vs. God: witness the illuminated manuscript of his Harvard Doctoral thesis disproving the existence of the Deity—but there’d always been an emptiness, this realization, until now, that the greatest thematic conflict of them all had yet to be won, as he gazed admiringly into the mirror over the fireplace at the reflection of his own magnificent head mounted there on the wall between the heads of the boar and the larkspur, just above the mane of the lion, yes, he’d claimed the top prize, come out on top yet again, in that greatest, most archetypal conflict of them all, man vs. himself.


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