Word of the Day - Solipsism, Schadenfreude, Doppelganger


Solipsism – believing that nothing exists outside one’s mind.

Schadenfreude – pleasure taken from observing the misery of another.

Doppelganger – ghostly double of a living person whose appearance often foreshadows that person’s death.

Rough trade –Indicates the physical act of love between a “soft” middle class man and a “rough” working class man, who usually performs for money.

Use Solipsism, Schadenfreude, Doppelganger and Rough Trade in a sentence:

While riding his bicycle through the Berlin rain, Karl experienced a moment of profound schadenfreude upon witnessing his best friend Hans under a street lamp engaging in rough trade with his own shadow. “Mein doppelganger!” the friend shouted at the moment of impact as Karl’s bicycle struck the lamp post, plunging the entire grisly scene into darkness, and, ultimately, oblivion, in a bittersweet climax that confirmed the hero in—and indeed doomed him to—the eternal loneliness of his solipsism.


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