Word of the Day - Peccadilloes


Peccadilloes --- small sins or faults

Use peccadilloes in a sentence:

Among his many peccadilloes were, admittedly, a certain stubbornness about matters that affected the health of his two prize golden arowanas, an almost fanatical attention to detail (he inspected his dry cleaning with a magnifying glass), a habit of keeping exhaustive lists of even the most seemingly trivial facts (how many times he’d washed each article of clothing, for instance; the mint date and weight in grams of any loose change that came into his possession), a weakness for exotic teas, especially from the Maldive Islands, and a penchant for Caribbean island cigars wrapped in the ancient tanned hides of the Spanish conquistadors, but these small faults paled in comparison with this most recent habit—it was almost laughable, really—of, at the stroke of midnight, leaping from the castle window in a partially metamorphosed state, running at breakneck speed across the heath, howling at the moon, and (how would he describe his appearance, a kind of man-wolf, perhaps?) devouring the terrified villagers in a gleeful blood thirsty rampage.


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