Word of the Day - Busking


Busking - playing music or performing entertainment in a public place, usually while soliciting money

Use busking in a sentence:

As if it wasn’t bad enough one of the senior partners caught him busking in the subway during his lunch break—he was, after all, the recently anointed “rising star” of the firm, and slumming for spare change while the rest of the partners partook of the requisite three martini lunch at the Princeton club was seen as plain old bad taste -- weirdly, nobody seemed to make a big deal of that thing he was doing down on the boulevard between the hours of two and four in the morning, but hey, $20 was $20, what right did anyone have to question what a man had to do to earn a buck, especially these days, especially when the firm’s annual bonus was only a few points higher than last year’s and his total compensation for the year was scarcely more than $20 million – besides, the day-laborer gig was strictly a weekend thing – standing in front of the 7-11 with his compadres until some fly-by-night contractor rolled up and loaded them into the back of an old pick up truck – and it paid cash, sometimes as much as $7 an hour – and barely interfered with his ability to manage the firm’s most high profile overseas accounts, but it was his latest stunt that really seemed to cause him some trouble—not that his position was in jeopardy—the accounts he managed were the firm’s most lucrative assets—it was the disdain, the outright supercilious nose-thumbing disdain, that was so galling (while he hustled for every dollar he could get …) when he was discovered (by the president of the firm) crawling out of a dumpster hauling two huge hefty bags full of aluminum cans, and that was the short story of how he wound up where he was today, dressed in an orange jumper picking up trash on the side of the road while his colleagues lounged at one of those country club jails without a shred of honest work to do (the standard penalty for hiding billions of dollars of losses in off-balance sheet transactions) – hell, the judge thought he was crazy, but he insisted on going to a regular jail, because when it came down to it, it was never really about the money, all along he would have done it all, every lick of it, for free.


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