Word of the Day - tonsorial, legerdemain, summarily


Tonsorial – pertaining to barbering

Legerdemain – sleight of hand

Summarily - performed speedily and without ceremony

Use tonsorial, legerdemain and summarily in a sentence:

Floyd had been a barber his whole life – he’d cut the heads of heads of state, movie stars, professional athletes, captains of industry—he’d even, upon a special request, shaved a man’s back with a straight razor (that man was George “the Animal” Steel) —and in all those years, he’d seen just about everything that a man could expect to see as it pertained to barbering. In fact, he’d once witnessed the great barber Jeremiah Johnston make a man’s beard disappear just by snapping his fingers—after catching the man cheating at cards—and then reappear on a wall print of the Mona Lisa, a feat of tonsorial legerdemain that earned him a spot in both the barbering and magic halls of fame. Indeed, he’d seen so many things, you could put that on his tombstone: “saw just about everything” –just about the only thing you could say he hadn’t seen, then, was the enormous head of the T-Rex as it came through the barbershop window, opened its jaws and summarily devoured him.


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