Word of the Day -- Gerrymander


Gerrymander -- deliberate rearrangement of the boundaries of congressional districts to influence the outcome of elections.

Use gerrymander in a sentence:

Swinging his ponytail ostentatiously as he exhaled the smoke from his herbal cigarette, then stubbing the cigarette out in the Dancing Bears Around the World ashtray, Johnny, Jr., said, “You just don’t get it, man—the whole system is a con game, an inside job, with the gerrymandering and lobbyists clogging up Washington with their dirty money, the only real choice is to drop out, not play the game…” From his position under the leaking S-trap, John, Sr. (square jawed, crew cut, arms covered in tattoos from his military days) took the Kool Light out of his mouth and said, “Boy, if you don’t start unclogging this gol-dang drain, I’m going to gerrymander your $7,000-braces-wearing face.”


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