word of the day - defenestrate


Defenestrate – to throw out a window

Use defenestrate in a sentence:

After the angry torch-wielding mob marched to the top floor and defenestrated him from the capacious executive office suite (was it his fault they entrusted him with their life savings or was it simply destiny?) Perry found himself thanking the very creator he’d always reviled for making him this abomination, for giving him this … this hideous deformity that had driven him to break rules and trample on colleagues and rivals alike, that had driven him to the heights of Wall Street success and that had driven him to where he was now, in mortal free fall a hundred stories above the Manhattan traffic, the pavement flying up at him at a million miles an hour, but as he loosened his tie, popped the silver cufflinks, and ripped off the custom tailored jacket and shirt that had concealed his shame for all these years, he made peace with himself, with his creator and with this hideous, freakish deformity, unrestrained at last, and, seconds before impact, thanked his stars, for once in his life, that he was half-bird half-man.


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