word of the day -- pirouette, allegros and arabesque


Pirouette – a controlled turn on one leg

Allegros – fast jumps

Arabesque -- The position of the body supported on one leg, with the other leg extended behind the body with the knee straight.

Use pirouette, allegros and arabesque in a sentence:

The dancers started in the classic Arabesque position, their upward pointed toes touching at the center of their formation like the pistil of an extraordinary tropical flower; then they began to move as one, bounding around the perimeter of the stage like some magical multi-headed beast; first, Vladimir Putin broke from the formation, executing a series of prancing allegros across the stage, then it was Dick Cheney, twirling off in the opposite direction, his frantic movement culminating in a dazzling and hypnotic pirouette. This left only a single dancer. With the music building to its earth-shattering crescendo, a hush went over the audience as maximum leader for life Kim Jong Il lowered himself into an epic, career-defining plié.


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