word of the day - Je ne sais quoi


Je ne sais quoi - An intangible quality that adds or makes something attractive or alluring. From French, literally, ‘I know not what.’

Whoosh – a swift or explosive rush

Use je ne sais quoi in a sentence:

There was something about her—a certain je ne sais quoi, you might say—no, it wasn’t the perfume, an intoxicating blend of rose, jasmine and musk that ignited the senses, it wasn’t the full lips or the long chestnut hair that fell over her shoulders and caught the light just so, it wasn’t the shapely legs crossed under the short red cocktail dress, a slender foot arched behind her, dangling a black Jimmy Choo high heel shoe, her voice a hot, smoky whisper, what a lullaby might sound like under the neon light of a motel sign at four in the morning, what it was, he realized, as he ran his hand over the smooth contours, at last finding the valve stem, was the whistle of escaping air as he popped the cap and, with a sudden whoosh, she shot off into the starry night.


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